Company Culture

Our chain of command flows with passion for beautiful design & attention to meaningful arts practice.
We’re the Authority Team X Worldwide formally known as ATX Web Developer.
We are based in Austin Texas but now have managers available 24/7 around the clock, worldwide.
We hope you find our products and services useful for you and your business.
To learn more,
Simply choose a brand manager and set up a meeting to get started!

Authority Team X Worldwide

Demetrio guerrero

Demetrio Guerrero

CBO- Chief Brand Officer

Solves issues of the marketing strategy to improve sales.

Akash Hossen

CFO- Chief Finance Officer

Will handle any collections and complaints you may have with your account.

Gurwinder Singh

Gurwinder Singh

CSO- Chief Sales Officer

Gathers information from client forms to delegate between team.

Shahnwaz Khan

CEO- Chief Executive Officer

Handles direct contact with clients to perform tasks at high priority.

Sohaib Khan

CMO- Chief Marketing Officer

Works with Creative/Directors to design and implement high quality content.

Shamol ali

CTO- Chief Technology Officer

Transforms visions from ATXWD into money making machines.